Healthy & tasty food guide for kids

Junk food is becoming very popular among kids now a days. Excess calorie intake and unhealthy food has graped a large portion in their menu. It is very important to teach the negative effects of unhealthy food to children, parents need to encourage their children to eat healthy food so as to minimize any health problem.

Healthy eating
Healthy eating

While preparing food at home involvement of kids regarding their healthy diet is a important part of cooking. The food should be nutritious enough to provide a healthy diet to your kids. Try to encourage them to eat nutritive vegetarian diet rather than junk food. You can take the help of any possible thing which can change your child’s thinking towards food, cartoons like “Popeye the sailor man” gives a healthy message about spinach eating which is very encouraging as it makes the child think that eating spinach will make him strongto face any difficulty.

A healthy and tasty food guide for kids

A child can be encouraged to eat healthy food but at times it becomes difficult to persuade them to eat vegetables. In that case try to use your cooking traits. You can add vegetables to your child’s tasty food item. More over try to give them that food which is healthy as well as tasty. Here are some nutritious foodthat almost all children like to eat, have a look.

Healthy eating
Healthy eating


Food rich in protein includes nuts butter specially made up of almond and peanuts, beans & lentils, milk, dairy products including eggs.


This category includes bread, pasta, cereals, dry fruits, beans and legumes, green vegetables.


Calcium can be given in food products like milk and dairy products, fish, fortified products, cheese omelets, macaroni cheese, vegetables like curly kale and broccoli. Iron- Baby cereals with added iron, backed beans, eggs, green leafy vegetables, peanut butter, tofu and cooked turkey.


Sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, lettuce, dried apricot and mushrooms.

“The information present above is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy” 

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