Hearing Loss: Important causes of hearing loss

Hearing loss is becoming a common problem and people could not make out the real cause of the disorder.Hearing loss or deafness is the situation in life where an individual loss the ability to detect certain frequencies of sound completely or partially.Hearing loss can occur due to many reasons.Anything that could block ear canal causes hearing loss.

Some of the main causes of Hear Loss are-

Long term exposure to loud noise:Its a common cause that could cause loss in hearing and generally in places like workplaces where machines producing loud noise are used.Things like Motorbikes and similar power tools also damage hearing time to time.Avoid noisy activities and wear ear plugs or ear protectors hat fits ear.

Pressure Changes:Bad injury on head can dislocate middle-ear bones and can cause nerve damage.It could also permanent hearing loss.Changes in pressure level such as flying or scuba diving can cause damage to ear drum,middle ear or inner ear.

Chronic Diseases: Diseases like strokes,high blood pressure,heart disease and diabetes do not directly effect the hearing ability but can cause harm by interrupting blood flow to inner brain of the ear.

Explosive noise: Firecrackers,gunshots and similar kind of explosions can damage the inner ear,called acoustic trauma and may result in permanent damage and hear loss.

Headphones and Ear buds: The loud volume of headphones and longer listening may cause temporary or permanent hear loss.To avoid the problem one should listen songs in low volume and that too for limited time period.

Building up of ear wax: Earwax is a natural occurrence in ear but sometimes it could create a real problem.Earwax protects ear from bacteria and dirt but may be a problem when get harden.One should not remove the wax with cotton-tipped swapped,a doctor can do it more easily and safely.

Tumors: It can be one of the reason responsible for hear loss and needs surgery to remove the cyst.

Age: Ability to hear reduces when one grow older.This is a natural process and occurs even you care for your years throughout your life.This problem could not be prevented,one can talk to audiologists to make out the best possible ways to protect ears.

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