Bowel Cancer Can Cut By Drinking Milk

As we know that Milk is very nutritious for us,  which contains protein, calcium &  vitamin C. But now drinking milk also can helps us in reducing bowel cancer risk according to studies. Bowel Cancer is also called as Colorectal Cancer & Colon Cancer. 

According To Researchers of University of Otago in New Zealand found that drinking nearly 250ml of milk daily has a strong protective effect against the disease, which kills more than 490,000 people worldwide.

In the study, researcher founds that, those  kids, who drink 250ml of milk daily cut their risk of bowel cancer almost 40 percent later in life.

The researchers compared 562 bowel cancer patients aged between 30 to 69 with 571 age-matched healthy person, who are not suffering from bowel cancer.

Further etiologic studies of colorectal cancer should examine the effects of childhood milk consumption or calcium intake, and childhood diet overall, in addition to adult diet. In addition, the biologic mechanisms by which childhood milk consumption may reduce risk of colorectal cancer should be explored.” The researcher concluded

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