Heart diseases,high blood pressure causes and remedies

Today’s changing life style has changed the meaning of health.Junk food has become a part of life with no rest and zero exercise.This is directly effecting the health resulting in physical as well as mental problems.

Heart diseases and treatment
Heart diseases and treatment

Heart diseases-

India occupies the first position all over the world in heart diseases.Almost 4 million people are afflicted be heart problems in India.


  1. Increasing heart beats,discomfort or tiredness,weakness.
  2. Shoulder,back,neck or jaws pain.
  3. Vomiting,breathing problem or feeling low.
  4. Pain or swelling up of legs or heels.


  1. Taking to much alcohol or smoking.
  2. If it is a heredity problem then the new generation can suffer heart diseases.
  3. Depression,wrong eating habits or obesity.
  4. To much anger problem or mental problems can also creates heart problems.

Immediate steps to be taken in case of heart strokes-

  • Stop what ever work you are doing.
  • Sit or make your self comfortable.
  • Do not drive yourself.Take somebody’s help for going to the hospital.


  • Take light or digestive food.
  • Keep your weight in control.
  • Avoid smoking or taking alcohol.
  • Do regular exercises.
  • Go for regular checkups regarding cholesterol and blood sugar levels.


  1. Eat green vegetables or vegetable soups.
  2. Take pomegranate juice as it normalizes the heart beats.
  3. Take normal amount of butter,oil,non-veg etc.
  4. Avoid fast food,tea,coffee or alcohol.

High blood pressure-

Cure high blood pressure
Cure high blood pressure

It is one of the disease which is often ignored by people.Instant medication is very necessary as later it can be very injurious to health.


There are no symptoms of high blood pressure.But sometimes the patient feels symptoms like – headache,stress,tension,weakness etc.


The main causes of high blood pressure is stress and the high profile lifestyle.

  • Smoking,drugs,tea,coffee,cold drinks,oily food,over salt consumption are also some causes of high blood pressure.
  • Hardness in arteries or obesity are also the causes of high blood pressure.


  • Eat less amount of salt.
  • Maintain weight.
  • Regular checkups.
  • Avoid smoking or any related thing.
  • Stay away from stress,anger or tensions.
  • Add green vegetables in your food.
  • Less amount of ghee or oil.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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