Manage your acute neck pain

Neck pain is the normal occurrence explained in medical conditions.Acute neck pain is nothing to worry about as the pain disappears after few days or after some time. Acute pain in the neck can be felt due to many reasons such as awkward sleeping positions, poor posture or sitting in cold conditions for too long.

Neck pain relates to the cervical pain. Acute neck pain remains for few days after you learn how to manage and prevent it well.But if you are trying to ignore it, then beware because acute neck pain slowly grows further causing headache, shoulder pain and other similar conditions.

Prevention tips for acute neck pain

Exercise regularly

Exercise is the best way to get rid of acute neck pain. Stretch your muscles every day regularly,it helps making your muscles to lose its stiffness. Turn your neck left, then right as far as it is possible for you without straining and very slowly. Hold in that position for few second and repeat the process.Also, rotate your head in circular motion,avoid jerk.If the pain exist,visit your doctor.

Give warmth to your neck pain

Have a good warm shower, it is very beneficial for neck pain.It loosens up the neck stiffness and gives you relief from the pain.You can also try the other way to ease pain by applying the hot water bottle or moist heat.

Good posture

Good posture not only eases neck pain but also enhances your overall personality.It boosts up your confidence level and keep you away from from useless disorder and muscle pain.Include the good posture habits in your daily regime.Make sure  that you be in right posture while sitting, standing,working somewhere or lifting heavy objects.

Sleep in a correct way. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, it strains your neck muscles.Try to sleep on your back or on either sides.

Sometimes neck pain arises due to emotional stress.Stress, anger and frustration causes stiffness in the body, which effect the nerves and causes neck pain.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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