Heat Rash: Causes,Symptoms and Treatment

Heat rash or prickly heat is a skin problem that  is caused by exposure of skin to heat.Heat rash is common in the months of summer accompanied by humid climates.It arises when the sweat ducts gets blocked and swells up often leading to itching and discomfort.

Cause of heat rash:

Heat rash in babies are caused by dressing them too warmly or too tightly in a very hot weather.They should be dresses up according to the weather conditions same as adults are comfortable at the same temperature.

One should avoid tight clothing which generally prevents sweat evaporation.Heavy creams and lotions should also be avoided as they can clog sweat ducts.

Heat rash may also be caused due to the side-effect of  medications  like isotretinoin or clonidine.

Symptoms of heat rash:

Heat rashes may be accompanied by skin irritation or  hives,welts and raises red bumps.There may be pink or red patches in some areas of the skin.In children heat rash may occur in body areas like neck,shoulders or head.

Heat rash could be  develop to a secondary skin infection,if covered by clothes or is scratched badly.

Treatment for heat rash:

Generally, some of the heat rashes heals on their own as the time passes.But following steps can be taken care of to prevent it from getting worse-

-Allow a proper ventilation of the skin and be in cool environment as much as possible.

-Take cool bath and shower.

-Let the skin dry by itself, do not rub it by any cloth or towel.

-Use calamine lotions or hydrocortisone cream for your baby’s skin if it is irritable to touch.

-Antihistamines like diphenhydramine(Benadryl), or loratadine can be helpful in getting relief from itching.

-Also keep the sleeping area cool during summers.

Drinking lots of water  helps in keeping skin hydrated and regulate a good balanced body temperature to prevent heat rashes.


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