Hemoptysis: Coughing up blood

Hemoptysis is the medical term used when one goes through the problem of coughing up blood from the respiratory tract.If you are experiencing Hemoptysis then its a serious matter and need to be cured as soon as possible.The reason could be anything like infection,cancer,and problem in blood vessels or in the lungs.

Here are some causes of Hemoptysis:

-Blood clot in lungs



-Goodpature Syndrome.




-Pulmonary arteriovenous malformations(AVM’s)

-Congestive heart failure due to mitral stenosis.

-Nosebleed that drips the blood down to lungs.

-Irritation in lungs due to excessive coughing.

Some of the recommended tests:

Chest X-ray:This test shows area of fluid and congestion in the lungs.

CT Scan: It gives detaled results about your chest and thus can revael the causes for coughing up blood.

Bronchoscopy: Similar to endoscopy,through bronchoscopy doctor could know  the inner causes of Hemoptysis.

Urinalysis: Urine tests may also reveal some of the causes of hemoptysis.

Blood chemistry profile: This tests, checks the kidney function and measure electrolytes.

Coagulation test: It  checks the blood ability to clot that results in bleeding and coughing up blood.

Bronchial artery embolization: Doctors identify the source of bleeding through this test checking the arteries.

Hemoptysis may also be caused by :Chemotherapy,intake of antibiotics for cure of pneumonia or steroids for inflammatory conditions.

When to see doctor:

If you are suffering from Bronchitis and have small amount of blood in the mucus not more then a week can take careful precautions and wait for their condition to improve.But if you see these symptoms for a fairly long period of time then its really a moment to see your doctor:

a)Chest Pain.

2)Weight loss

3)Sweats at night.

4)Fever higher then 101 degrees.

5)Shortness of breadth in your usual activity.

The information present here is for general purpose,please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy.

1 thought on “Hemoptysis: Coughing up blood

  1. after CT scan of THROX , AVM is found at left lower lobe. there is a small amount (pin drop type) blood comes up with cough some time and its start on 9th nov 2015 . there is no weight loss nor fever comes .
    is there ant treatment with you in ayurvedic. if any suggestion than let us know .

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