High Blood Pressure :Hypertension may lead to memory loss

High Blood pressure or hypertension,caused by elevated pressure of the blood in arteries.Larger waistlines and high blood pressure in elder people may lead to memory loss,says latest research.

Generally,High Blood pressure or hypertension is caused by two major factors:

1)The body’s smaller vessels called arterioles become narrow,which causes blood to exert more pressure against the vessel’s wall.

2)The blood is pumped by the heart with more excessive pressure.

Some of the causes of High Blood pressure are:

a)Diabetes:People suffering from diabetes may develop hyper tension as Kidney Damage causes hypertension in people suffering from diabetes.

b)Coarctation of Aorta:It causes narrowing of aorta which is the main artery of heart.Coarctation of aorta is a birth defect.

c)Medications:Various prescribed medicines and different drugs raises blood pressure blood pressure or worsen the existing Blood Pressure.

d)Endocrine Disorder:Endocrine Disorders such as thyroid disorder,Adrenal tumors and cushing syndrome may cause hypertension.

A recent study shows that middle age people who are suffering from high cholesterol and high blood pressure are not only risking their life to various heart diseases but may also develop early cognitive and memory problems.

The MD of French National Institute of Health Research ,Chirstella Raffaitin says “The study sheds new light on how metabolic syndrome and the individual factors of the disease may effect cognitive health.”

The study further prove that people who have higher cardiovascular risk are likely to have less cognitive function and thus a quick rate of cognitive decline compared to those who have lowest risk of heart disease.

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