Homeopathy for Treating Insomnia

Homeopathy has also proved very effective in treating insomnia (Sleep Disorder). Insomnia is fast rising in Asian countries particularly among women and a large part of Americans are also in the clutches of this disease.

Homepathic natural remedies are available over-the-counter but for best results consult with a homeopath.

Calcarea phosphorica

Often prescribed for children, and also adults who have joint and bones ailment, or neck and shoulder tension that make it hard to fall asleep. The person lies awake for many hours, feeling upset and irritable—then has trouble waking in the morning, and feels deeply tired and weak.

Coffea cruda

Thoughts in mind may be either happy or sad. The person may be looking forward to something that will happen in the morning, but feels stressed and exhausted as the night wears on. If the person falls asleep, it is usually very light with vivid dreams, disturbed by any noise or motion. (This remedy can also help if overuse of caffeine is the cause of sleeplessness.)

Kali phosphoricum

A person with insomnia from nervous exhaustion caused by overwork or mental strain, or following a long illness, may respond to this remedy.

Nux vomica

People who have insomnia after over-indulgence in stimulants, food, and drink—or after overexertion, either physically or mentally—may benefit from this remedy. They may be able to drift off, but sleep is light, and they often awaken in the early morning and lie awake for hours. On getting up, they are tense, impatient, and irritable, with a feeling that they still need more sleep.

Zincum metallicum

People who need this remedy often have insomnia from mental activity. They can get wound up from overwork—or be naturally inclined toward nervousness and just have trouble relaxing. Their legs and arms often feel extremely restless, and lying still in bed may be impossible. Even during the daytime, a person who needs this remedy may feel a constant need to move their muscles.

These are a few medication in Homeopathy but contact a homeopathic physician before taking any medication.

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