Hips Make Our Walk Powerful & Ankles Our Run

Hips & Ankles both are the lower part of our body. Many times when we run & walk we face problems in our hips & ankles mostly at old age . But do you know that hips generate more power when people walk & ankles generate more power when people run.

According to a research at North Carolina State University ,  for the first time they  compared the role of hips, knees and ankles for human walking and running motions.

In the research they found that hips generate more of the power when people walk while  the ankles generate more of the power when people run.


According to study of the researchers Knees provide approximately 1/5 or less of walking or running power while  hips generate 44 %  of the power when people walk at a rate of 2 meters/ second & with ankles contributing 39 percent of the power.

But when people start running at the same speed,  the ankles  provides  47 %  of the power compared to 32 %  for the hips.


The finding could help inform the best ways of building assistive or prosthetic devices for humans, or constructing next-generation robotics. said NC State biomedical engineers Dominic Farris and Gregory Sawicki


“There seems to be a tradeoff in power generation from hips to ankles as you make the transition from walking to running,” said Sawicki.


Study Published in Royal Society scientific journal

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