HIV/ AIDS research & ayurvedic remedies

According to the researchers of France HIV can be cured as soon as its infection starts and the situation can be overcome. But usually it is effective in only 10 percent cases. 

HIV / AIDS infection
HIV / AIDS infection

In this study, researchers conduct a research on 14 people who had the problem of HIV and who have stopped the treatment in the middle of the process, but they did not show any signs of being reactivated viruses of HIV.

Researchers gave the name “Visconti cohort”  to the team of these patients. The treatment was started within 10 weeks when the patients get infected. The medication was stopped after taking the Antiretroviral drugs for an average of three years.

Eliminating HIV

Medicines can prevent the spread of virus but the virus already present in the body’s immune system can not be eliminated. This situation usually happens when the patient stops the consumption of medicines as the virus seems to flourish again. According to the research most of the patients who opt for small treatments fails to control the infection, but some of them gets successful. But patient on whom this research was conducted were able to control the infection of HIV up-to a decade.

Therefore it was conducted that most of the patients who undertakes the treatment were unable to control the infection but some of them gets successful to.

Ayurvedic treatment for HIV

5-15 percent patients who are infected from HIV can get free from the infection and do not have to take any medication further. HIV has become a global epidemic and modern medicines are not a proven cure.

In addition to ayurvedic treatment nutritious diet, yoga and meditation, timely Allopathic treatment for opportunistic infections and regular consultancy is very important for the proper management of this disease. Common herbs used in the treatment of HIV/ AIDS  are Amalaki, Ashwagandha and the Basil. These ayurvedic medicines are used to eliminate the virus in patients, developing immune system and cleaning of body.

  •  There are various herbs which acts as a powerful virus killer and these can be used combined with Allopathic medications.
  •  These medicines increases immunity. Along with CD4 cells CD8 are also known to fight HIV and ayurvedic medication plays its role to promote these cells in the body.
  • Ayurvedic medicines cleans the body, nerves and even the cells. It enhances the strength of the body and acts as a cleanser.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/ therapy”



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