Fruits responsible for weight gain

Most of the times we just start eating any fruit without knowing about its effect on health. Its not that all fruits are good for health and will help in reducing weight. But it is totally a myth that by consuming fruits and avoiding a regular meal weight can be reduced. It is very important to know if the fruit is nutritious or not. 


Fuits and obesity
Fruits and obesity

There are some fruits which instead of reducing weight are the major causes of weight gain. Even by daily consumption of these fruits can lead to obesity. Carbohydrates are very essential for the body for regulating daily activities of the day but those fruits which contain more amount of carbohydrates increases the problem of weight gain.

Fruits responsible for over weight & obesity


Consuming banana with milk seems to be very delicious and healthy but at the same time it increases weight at a very fast rate. As milk contains protein and banana contains sugar which increases weight. Eating banana provides more and more calories which can cause the problem of obesity.

Dried Apricot

Dry apricots are like candies which people used to eat very often but they forget that it contains enough calories which is a weight gaining element and it increases the chances of obesity.


Where one side grapes are very beneficial for the health but on the other side their over consumption results in weight gain. As grapes are the rich source of carbohydrates that is why the chances of weight gain increase.


Those who regularly consume pineapple can gain weight very fast as it contain calories is a good amount.

Avocados and dry fruits

Both avocados and dry fruits are rich in calories and regular intake of dry fruits like raisins and almonds can be a reason of obesity.

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