Holy Basil: Tulsi and its Medicinal Uses

In Ayurveda Holy Basil (Tulsi) has a particular reverence. In Hinduism also Tulsi has spiritual significance but it also has medicinal property which can be used to cure variety of diseases and infections.

Holy Basil has always been a herb of interest to Ayurvedic practitioner. Their are evidences that it can be prescribed as one of the an effective pain killer, anti inflammatory medicine, treatment for bacterial and viral infection. And moreover it has proved very effective in regulating and lowering the blood sugar level among diabetics.

The following discussed are few of the usage of Holy Basil (Tulsi) to cure a few disorders

Night Blindness

It is perhaps the most effective treatment for treating nigh blindness. Just crush Holy Basil leaves and use the thick liquid gained and apply it to the eyes.


The liquid gained form crushing the leaves has anti bacterial property and can be effectively utilized for inflammation caused in the skin due to insect bite.

High Cholesterol

The medication taken to control cholesterol level result in Kidney and Liver damage, but the Holy Basil consumption has show marvelous effects in controlling cholesterol level.


A thick paste of Holy Basil if applied on head and neck has therapeutic quality in curing Migraine and severe headache.

Kidney Stones

The juice of Holy Basil if consumed regularly for six month helps in clearing kidney stone.

Skin Disease

The juice if applied can help in curing dry skin, ringworm, rash and many other skin infections.

Sensitive Teeth

Dried and crushed  Holy Basil leaves is very effective in curing sensitive teeth and gums. The powder mixed with water can be used as a toothpaste.

Stress Management

Holy Basil is regarded as “adaptogen” an anti stress agent. Recent have revealed the consumption of Holy Basil leaves give protection against stress.

Respiratory Disorder

Holy Basil leaves if taken with honey, and ginger can be utilized for curing bronchitis, asthma, acute cold and cough. And if  leaves combined and boiled with cloves and common salt gives immediate relief in case of influenza.

Perhaps India has given to the world the best herbal plant of all time Holy Basil 🙂

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