Home Remedies to fix Dry Frizzy and Unmanageable Hair

Every woman around the world loves to possess soft, shiny and beautiful hair. But due to unorganized lifestyle, improper hair care, lack of essential nutrients in diet and many other factors results into dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair. But as we all know, there is no problem that comes without a solution. Read this article and learn simple and easy ways to treat your dry and brittle hairs.

Dr unmanageable hairs

Causes of rough dry hair

Before we go on to discuss the remedies, it is important to know the potential causes behind having rough hair:

  • Poor nutrition and improper hair care routine.
  • Environmental factors causing loss of moisture.
  • Excessive use of styling product causing thermal damage.
  • Hair damages due to chlorine, sun and chemical treatments.

Therefore, try to bring changes in your day-to-day life if you think the root-cause of having rough hair lies in any of the above-mentioned points. Beyond that, you may try these natural home remedies too.

Home Remedies To Treat Dull And Frizzy Hair

Mustard Oil And Honey:

mustard oil for hairshoney for hairs

Take some mustard oil and boil it. Allow it to come down to room temperature. Then massage your scalp with it. Once you are done with it, apply honey through your hair strands. After that, cover your head with a moist and warm towel for about fifteen minutes. This can be done once every month.

Oil Massage and Egg and Curd Mask:

egg and curdalmond and castor oil

Mix equal proportions of castor oil and almond oil together. Massage your scalp with this. Then prepare a home pack by mixing egg yolk with two spoons of curd. Apply this mixture evenly through your hair strands. This egg-curd mask provides protein and conditions your hair to make it smooth and shiny. Repeat this treatment once every week.

Banana and yoghurt pack:

banana and yogurt pack

This is an age-old home remedy used through generations. Mash a banana and mix it with half-a-cup of beaten yogurt. Apply on your hair and leave on for at least 15 minutes.  Wash off with a good, chemical-free shampoo. This too can be done once every week.

Egg and milk pack:

Milk and Egg pack

Dull and frizzy hairs are generally caused by lack of proteins. Therefore, application of egg and milk hair pack does magic to your hairs instantly. Mix egg white with milk and massage your scalp with it. Apply it on the hair strands as well. Leave it on for twenty minutes and wash off. Repeat this treatment once every 15 days.

Virgin olive oil massage:

olive oil

One of the better ways to get relieve from your dull, lifeless hairs is to go through hair massage frequently. Take some virgin olive oil and apply it on your hair and scalp with the help of cotton. Give yourself a massage and wrap your head with a damp and warm towel. This will ensure that the oil penetrates the hair roots. Try doing it at least two hours before you shampoo your hair.

Lifestyle Changes and Everyday Tips:

Here are a few lifestyle changes that can help you in fighting the problem of rough hair in a more effective manner.

  • It is important to keep your hair and scalp clean; but it’s more important to wash your hairs with a mild, and chemical free shampoo as harsh shampoos tends to deprive your hair of the essential oils and make it dry.
  • Pay attention to what you eat. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.  Drink lots of water.
  • Avoid exposure of your hair in sun and pollution.
  • Go for a hair spa or a deep-conditioning treatment at your favorite salon, occassionally.

Beautiful hairs

Healthy habits do manifest itself through a healthy body, mind, skin and hair. Follow a balanced lifestyle and see the results gradually.

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