Home Remedies: Wounds and Natural Healers

A wound is a type of injury in which skin is torn, cut or punctured, or blunt force trauma causes a contusion.

Types of wounds

Open Wounds

Open wounds are classified on basis of object that causes it. The types of open wound are:

  • Incisions or incised wounds
  • Lacerations
  • Abrasions
  • Puncture wounds
  • Penetration wounds
  • Gunshot wounds

Closed Wounds

Closed wounds have less categorization, but it also can be dangerous and infectious as open wounds. The types of closed wounds are:

  • Contusions
  • Hematomas
  • Crush injury
  • Chronic and Acute

    Natural and Home Remedies for Wounds
    Natural and Home Remedies for Wounds


Natural Healers for Cuts, Injury and Wounds


If a wound is caused due to due to an injury and it bleeding, an ice pack placed on the injured spot can provide relief.


For wounds and bleeding caused by a cut one can apply fresh amla juice to the affected area.


If bleeding is caused by injury, applying juice of banana stem will stop bleeding.  Banana stem juice will also negate the chances of pus formation in the wound accelerate the process of healing.

Orange and Grapes

Consumption of Oranges and Grapes also fastens the healing  processof wound


The pulp of carrot made by boiling it will help in the healing of rotten wounds. And also consumption of carrot juice will be extremely useful in curing wounds.


Prepare Cabbage juice and add 5 to 6 times water to it and drink it for quick healing of wounds.


Wash a wound with onion juice mixed with four times water and place a cloth soaked in same onion juice on the wound, this process will helps in the healing of a wound quickly.


For a wound caused by a cut, soak a piece of cloth in garlic juice mixed with 2 times of water and place it on the wound. It will fasten the healing process. Even consumption of garlic will be beneficial.


Mix turmeric powder in butter or oil and heat it, then soak a piece of cotton in it and wrap around the wound as bandage. Also grinding turmeric in water and can stop bleeding wounds. Turmeric is an natural antiseptic and kills the germs.


Boil 2 tsp of the juice of neem leaves + 2 tsp of mustard oil + 4 tsp of water, and wait till the water evaporates, let the remaining oil cool down, strain it and apply on the wound and dress it. The wounds will heal soon. For wounds caused by Shoe bite, apply Neem oil and sprinkle dried neem leaves powder on the wound.

The above mentioned are few effective and very efficient natural home remedies for cuts injury and wounds.


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