How to reduce obesity across all ages?

Obesity is not a disease in itself  but it is the root of various diseases. Those who are over weight usually get embarrassed while walking or sitting. Getting rid of obesity can help in eliminating dangerous health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure or joint pain.

How to reduce weight?
How to reduce weight?

By just taking care of your eating habits and opting regular exercises and yoga you can easily get riddance from over weight problem. It is very important for a healthy disease free body.

How to reduce weight  is a matter of concern, as different age demands different care that is why it is very necessary to reduce weight according to the age. Check out the weight reduction tips according to the age below.

Reduce weight according to age-

  • Less than 20 years- In this age your body goes through various mental and physical changes. Basically in the age of 13 hormonal changes are very fast. You feel very hungry and specially food full of fat is very common in this stage. This increases the weight very quickly, it is very important to eat nutritive food for the proper growth of the body. Try to take more interest in outdoor games so that your weight remains under control.
  • Age between 20-30 years-In this age the metabolism rate is very active which makes it easy to reduce weight. The practice of regular exercises in this age will help you till your old age. Include more vegetables, fruits, salad and whole grains in your meals.
Perfect weight for all ages
Perfect weight for all ages
  • Age between 30-40 years-In this age women feel very tense about their health, as the age starts reflecting its impact on the body. The burden of responsibility increases as well as the symptoms of body weakness begins. The layer of fat starts getting in the body. Reduce the amount of food intake because you don’t need that much calorie as it is important at the earlier stages of life. Try eating fruits, vegetables, soup, oats and sprouted grains.
  • After 40-In this age proper care must be taken that it is little difficult for your body to get the desired shape. In this age you go through many health related problems which includes diabetes, hypertension and mainly joint pain. You need to eat according to your health and age. Do regular exercises, yoga and meditation.
  • Age between 50-60 years- It is very important to be healthy instead of good looks. Exercises and yoga is very important of mental and physical health. Do not forget to consult your doctor before doing any yoga or exercise. Try to walk more and eat fresh food.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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