Summer cool hair tips; protection from sun

Hair needs more care in summers, according to the beauty experts the usage of hair gels should be reduced as they make your hairs sticky. Non-creamy conditioners are recommended for oily hairs. You can also use vinegar or lemon juice to wash your hairs. Learn how to take care of hairs in summers and how to get rid of hair dryness.

Hair protection in summers
Hair protection in summers

Hair tips that keeps you cool in summers;

  • Wear round hat- Sun makes your hair dry and rough, round hat will cover your head properly and will protect you from sun rays. Use big hat if possible as it will protect your eyes to.
  • Keep a pony tail-Always try to tie a high pony tail so that your hairs should not touch the neck. This will help in keeping your head cool and neck free from sweating.
  • Go for a hair cut-Long hairs are difficult to handle during summers. It is better to go for a hair cut rather than getting annoyed with your hairs. You can opt for attractive hair cuts which suits your face cut.
  • Try to make plates-You can plates your hairs with different styles. This will provide a beautiful look to you and at the same time relief from the heat.
plated hairs
plated hairs
  • Stay close to nature- Stay close to natural surrounding a s much as possible. There are various natural products that can enhance your hair beauty and can protect them from heat.
  • Tie a scarf-To protect your hairs from hot air you can tie cotton scarfs on your head. This will help you to protect even your face also.

Things to keep in mind;

hair care tips
hair care tips
  1. Use conditioners at a regular interval of time.
  2. Do not forget to apply UV-protection spray before going in the sun.
  3. It is suggested to use plastic band rather that metal band on hairs.
  4. Avoid using hair dryers.
  5. Use natural products for hairs as far as possible.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking nay medication/therapy”


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