Is being workaholic affecting your relationships?

Are you not so much happy with your home?If yes then it would be appropriate to say that you are becoming workaholic.It is true that according to our way of thinking it is necessary to enjoy “workaholism” but is it right to give invitation to stress through intense working?

Working more than required is like reducing the productivity level of the body.It not only increases the stress and tension level but also negatively effects your relationships.A passion for work is totally different from working continuously and in a stressed manner.

Mismanaged schedules and no time to eat or sleep are some examples of being in a condition workaholic. Taking breaks from work is very necessary for keeping the mind peaceful and positive,mainly women who are housewives a s well as office workers  had to maintain their time between their home and office which usefully results in depression,tension and increased stress levels.A proper time gap and division is very important to maintain which comes with positivity towards work and a moral family support.

How to eliminate work pressure:

  1. Do not give first priority to your work family and relationship comes first .
  2. Choose that work which maintains a good balance with home and office.
  3. Flexibility is very important while doing any work,Do not opt for late night work schedules as proper sleep is also necessary .
  4. Opt for highly productive work which can be completed in a short duration.
  5. Set you tasks clear and with no confusion.You can also prepare a time chart which must include a proper time fpr work and rest and the time devoted for the family.
  6. Feel the natural surrounding for this you can take a long walk in the evening or in the morning time.It will provide inner as well as outer Peace to your mind and body.
  7. The most important thing is to make time for you family,friends and your partner.Being with close ones really makes you feel better and secured in life.
  8. Take proper and healthy diet which is very essential for healthy living.
  9. You can also opt for a hobby which satisfies you the most.Getting indulge in hobby gives the feeling of happiness and creates interest  in a particular work.
  10. Listening to a soft or any type of music will also solve the problem.You can sit in park and listen to music you like.It is really very good feeling and peaceful and will keep you calm.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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