Drinking tea offers many health benefits

Beginning the day without a strong cup of tea is almost impossible for many individuals.Especially in winters tea is on of the drinks which is demanded by every one.Tea can be presented in different ways like Chocolate tea,lemon tea,green leafy tea and many more.

Tea is not at all harmful for the body rather it gives lots and lots of health benefits to the body.A cup of tea contains not only taste but useful things to which are necessary for the proper growth of the body.

Health-benefits offered by tea;

  1. According to different researches it has been proved that  drinking tea reduces the risk of cancer to a great extent.If you are drinking 4 cups of tea per day it decreases up-to 60 % risk of cancer.The anti-oxidants present in tea leaves makes it possible to fight cancer.
  2. Drinking tea also enables you to increase the focusing power of eyes and mind.It keeps the mind healthy sharp and is preferable to students.
  3. Tea also helps in making the disease resistance function strong as those people who are in a habit of drinking tea are less likely to get affected from clod or cough problems.They can easily fight the small infections of their body.
  4. If you are having depression problems then drinking tea is the most effective way to control it.Tea reduces the stress hormone from the body which reduces the tenseness of the mind.
  5. Many researchers are now satisfied with Chinese doctor who used to say that tea maintains the metabolism of the body which helps in reducing weight in a greater extent.If you want to reduce weight seriously start drinking green tea (without sugar)  for about 2-4 cups per day.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication /therapy”

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