Jaundice Cure By Home Remedies, Prevention & Tests

What is Jaundice


Medically called as icterus, causes yellow color of the skin as well as eyes. The yellow color of the skin is due to the increased levels of bilirubin in the blood.

Bilirubin is a byproduct of withered red blood cells present in the body. Jaundice is a  French word jaune, i.e. yellow.

The Jaundice is of three types

  1. Hepatocellular jaundice
  2. Hemolytic jaundice
  3. Obstructive jaundice



Jaundice may be caused due to alot of reasons

  • Due to the Inflammation of the liver. It causes the ability of liver to secrete bilirubin.
  • Problems related to the Bile duct may cause an obstruction in the production of bile.
  • A condition known as  Cholestasis disturbs the flow between the bile and liver.


Symptoms Related To Jaundice

  • The first symptom which appears is the color of the conjunctiva of eyes changing to yellow.
  • The color of urine becomes dark yellow.
  • The change of color inside the mouth.
  • Feeling of weakness.



There are a list of tests related to Jaundice:

  • The first test which is done is the bilirubin blood test.

Other tests include the

  • Liver tests
  • Hepatitis virus test.
  • Blood Count test.

Cure By Home Remedies

  • Lime juice is a very beneficial product for Jaundice.
  • A glass of fresh tomato juice in the morning would be very beneficial for the patient.
  • Consumption of fiber rich products is he;pful.
  • Sugarcane juice is a very good source to cure Jaundice.
  • Carrot Juice is also recommended to the person affected with jaundice.


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