Over weight problems leads to Dementia

If you want to be protected from DEMENTIA then try to keep your weight in control.According to a latest research it is found that those people who put on weight in the early stages of life are more inclined towards having dementia problem in the later stages of life.

Dementia problem
Dementia problem

What is Dementia?

People affected with the problem of dementia start loosing their memory and the mind stops working properly at a point of time.According to the researches 30 % people put on extra weight in the middle of their ages. Over weight people gets affected with the problems of dementia, Alzheimer’s or various heart related problems. When compare to normal people over weight people have 80% chances of getting these health problems.

How to control weight?

For the first time scientist has achieved success in converting white fat into brown fat. Brown fat helps in more consumption of energy which results in weight reduction. Scientists says that now it will become a easy way fro those who are going through the problems of over weight.

According to the scientist it is found that by reducing a protein which increases the level of hunger not only the reduces the more consumption of calorie but it also converts the white fat of the body into the brown fat. This helps in controlling the weight making it normal.

Loose weight
Loose weight

If the level of bad fat is changed with good fat which makes the better consumption of calories instead of its accumulation, then a new weapon can be produced to give a tough fight to over weight problems and diseases related to it.

  1. Avoid eating sugar loaded food items. Make sure the amount of calories needed by you per day and eat accordingly.
  2. Do not skip your meals for loosing weight as proper amount of nutrition is very important for a balanced diet. You can go for healthy and limited food items instead of skipping them.
  3. Drinking a glass of water before meals help in reducing weight very easily. It reduces the hunger level and keeps the body dehydrated.
  4. Merely taking the right diet will not solve the problem as one of the most important element for reducing weight is exercise. Do a routine exercise as it burns fat very quickly and helps in shedding those extra pounds.
  5. You can also drink a glass of hot lemon juice as lemon is described as a fat cutter drink and is very beneficial in over weight cases.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”



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