Kidney diseases vs death rates:Causes and effective measures

People who ignore  good  physical activities after a kidney transplantation have a risk of dieing soon,According to a latest research.These people are suggested to get in a habit of exercising to defend against an early death.

According to the research made,about 81 patient died to which 37 were the heart related deaths.It implies that if there is less degree to physical activity chances of deaths will be high.

The officials recognized that in common,people who are relatively sick are not in a habit of exercising and are more likely to die early, they discovered that between less bodily exercises and untimely death was not essentially affected by adjustments for outcomes like people’s “Health of heart,kidney role,muscle mass,and their diabetics and smoking position.”

What causes kidney diseases?

This is one of the most important question that what are the causes of kidney diseases.The answer is Diabetics.Yes,diabetics is one of the major causes of kidney problems.If any person is suffering from diabetics problem effective measures should be taken to control blood pressure and blood sugar.This lessens the risk of development of kidney problems or can slow down its proses.


Effective measures to be taken.

If anyone have a problem of high blood sugar it directly effects your Kidneys and can damage it.The first and foremost step is to control your blood glucose or blood sugar.This will hinder or defer kidney damage.A regular check up should be done measuring the average level of blood sugar of the previous 3 months.A1C1 test is there which is for this purpose.Check ups should be done four times a year.A proper care should be taken regarding your health.

“The information given above is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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