Lemon grass and ginger tea beneficial for health

Lemongrass and ginger tea are highly beneficial for health when mixed together.Lemon grass is a medicinal plant as well as  anti-fungal plant.Ginger tea on other  hand is a powerful medicine which  improves the digestive system.

When lemon grass and ginger tea are mixed together to  make a tea which  is very easeful for the digestive system and relaxes the nerves of the body.Lemongrass and ginger tea also prevents cancer risks also cures the motion sickness.

Lemongrass consist of anti-microbial characteristics which is useful in treating the stomach as well as the urinary tract infections.It also cures food poisoning, skin infections and body odour too.

The benefits of lemongrass ginger tea are:

Stomach- Lemongrass ginger tea prevents diarrhea, eases nausea,eases nausea.Lemongrass ginger tea also cures gas problem.

Head- Lemongrass ginger tea helps in reducing blood pressure .The ingredients found in lemongrass and ginger controls the anxiety levels.Reduction in anxiety decreases the cortisol level which in turn calms mind and decrease blood pressure.

Body- Citral a compound found in lemongrass kills the cancer cells .Lemongrass when permeated in hot water has the enormous cancer fighting power.Ginger is believed to reduce the pain in the body caused due to seasonal cold.The pain includes the chronic pain or even the arthritis pain.

“The information present is for General Purpose, please consult your doctor before taking any medication / therapy”


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