London eatery provides age-conscious diet:health benefits & skin care through collagen

Every body wants a meal which is age- conscious,low fat and full of nutrients.A perfect good and healthy diet is in demand for every person today.Paying attention to this high demand a eatery in London  provides  age and health awareness meals which includes Collagen.

A collagen is main structural protein that is good for skin and provides firmness and springiness to your skin.In this eatery collagen is mixed with meat and fish items which is chosen in Japan.Actually this meal is prepared to help customers drive away all the wrinkles without those aching injections.

The main healthy ingredient which is added in these recipes as powder is imported from Japan.The menu which is named as ” eat and make yourself beautiful” includes Collagen dumplings of 6 pound and a Collagen seaweed salad for 12 pounds.

Collagen is a super skin meal it is found in animal connective tissue yielding gelatin when boiled.It is one of the best medicine for your skin and makes your skin shiny and as young as ever.It is a strong and long term anti-agent  protein, it is a best way of increasing your common health and diet.

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