Constipation Cure :Home remedy and Prevention

Constipation is the a common symptom to experience when one have a difficulty passing faeces or disturbance in digestive tract.It refers to the movement of bowel that are frequently hard to pass.Movement of bowel depends person to person but if the movement takes more than a week then it really could create a problem and thus causes constipation.

Constipation may occur due to:

-Passing of hard stools most of the time.

-Incomplete discharge of body waste most of the time.

-Fewer bowel movements compared to usual one.

-Frequent exerting during bowel movement .

– Insufficient water intake.

-Extreme use of tea and coffee.

-Extreme intake of animal protein that becomes difficult to digest.

-Insufficient fiber in diet.

-Stress and Depression.

-Being pregnant.

-Irregular diet or routine.

-Delay in bowel movements.

-Incorrect eating habits,overeating or insufficient chewing.

-Intake of strong medicines such as pain killers,iron pills or antidepressants.

-Diseases like neurological disorders(Parkinson’s disease),metabolic and endocrine disorder.

Common Symptoms of Constipation:

-Difficulty in bowel movement

-Pain and vomiting.

-Abdominal pain and heaviness in abdomen.

-Loss in Weight.

-Nausea and Dizziness.

Prevention against Constipation:

-Eat lots of fiber dominated diet such as fruits,legumes,vegetables.Fiber let colon pass stool.

-Drink a sufficient amount of water about 1-1/2 to 2 quarts everyday.Avoid drinks like tea and coffee and dairy products like milk as they causes dehydrating effect.

-Regular exercising may be helpful.

-Drink lemon juice mixed with warm water in morning may be useful to clean the bowel.

-Chew the food properly before swallowing.

-Be relaxed and tension free.

-Avoid intake of alcohol and reduce smoking.

Home remedies for Constipation:

-Ginger tea is best home remedy as it helps in bowel movement.

-Take a nice walk in the park,can be helpful in reducing the constipation.

-Add fruits such as grapes,pears,Papaya and orange juice to your diet.

-If you drink milk than you can add some honey or little more sugar to a glass of milk and drink it twice a day.

-Eat freshly chopped onions.

-Drink Carrot Juice.

-Eat at least two apples on an empty stomach.

-Guava when eaten with seeds provide a sufficient amount of roughage,reduces constipation.

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