Low testosterone in men, its causes and treatment

Testosterone are the male hormones which are responsible for the development of male features.Testosterone are found in testes of a man and ovaries of a women.Testosterone does two main functions in the body-First it monitors the normal function of the sex organs of a male such as sperm production and second it promotes bone development and muscle growth in the body.It is also responsible to maintain the secondary male characteristics in men as well as in women.

low level of testosterone in men
Causes of low testosterone in men

Adrenal glands also produces testosterone, but in small quantities.Reduced level of testosterone effect the male health in an adverse manner.There is frequent mood change as well as physical features also changes.Not only this the sex drive becomes worse effecting the sexual relationship between the partners.

Causes of low testosterone in men:

Congenital and genetic disorder

There are certain genetic conditions which causes testosterone to drop rapidly.One of the condition is Myotonic dystrophy which leads to failure of testicular in men above the age of 30 years.

 Kallman’s syndrome is one of the kind of congenital disorder which causes abnormally reduce level of testosterones in men.And prevents the formation of testosterone from adolescence.

Disease of testes, hypothalamus and pituitary gland

Diseases and conditions which  effects the hypothalamus, testes or the pituitary gland causes testosterone level to decline.Hypothalamus is the part of the brain responsible for the secretion of hormones and controls the function of pituitary gland.

Medical treatment or medicines

Medical treatments like radiation and chemotherapy is also responsible for decline level of testosterone in men.Medication to treat prostrate cancer which includes steroids,morphine etc causes less production of testosterone in males.

Other diseases and conditions

Diseases like chronic kidney failure,consumption of alcohol are also responsible for low testosterone in male.Condition like hemochromatosis which produces extra amount of iron in the body and sarcoidosis which lead to the inflammation of lungs adversely effects the testosterone production in males.

Treatment for low testosterone in males:

Low testosterone treatment
Treatment for low testosterone level in men

Before the start of any type of treatment on low testosterone it is important to know about its causes.Consult your doctor, he/she may advise you for multiple tests and regular consultative  meetings. Low testosterone problem is treated by Testosterone Replacement Therapy which can be done in form of gels, patches, injections, and drugs. Testosterone pellets are also used to treat low testosterone level in males.Testosterone pellets are placed under the skin and the testosterone is releases slowly into the body. There are certain natural testosterone boosters used for safe treatment of low testosterone in males.Natural ingredients like Horny Goat, Weed,and  Tribulus Terrestris increases the testosterone level in the body naturally instead of injecting artificial testosterone into the body.Natural way of raising the level of testosterone prevents from unwanted side effects ans also does not interfere with other normal functions of the body. “The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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