Lower back pain relief exercises; remedial tips for pain

Almost all of us are aware with the problem of back pain.It is a muscular disorder affecting 80% people at some time or the other.It can be acute,sub acute or chronic in nature.

It is caused by a muscle injury or strain which remains for a long time.Medicines are not the only remedy to get rid of this problem exercises matters a lot.Merely eating those painkillers won’t solve the problem at all it just relief you for a short time.

If you want a permanent solution for the pain try out these exercise,they will definitely provide relaxation and relief from the severe pain.

# Wall slides

Stand straight with your back taking support of the wall and feet apart.Try sliding into a stoop with knees bent,press the entire body close to the ground now count to ten and again move back upwards.Repeat this  proses five times.

# Hip rolls

Stand straight with feet apart.Put your hands back on the hips.Slowly move your hips in a clockwise direction and then in the anti clock wise direction.Repeat it for at least 5 times.

# Knee to chest exercise

Lie on your back in a straight surface,hold your thigh with e help of hands and pull towards the chest keeping the opposite leg straight towards the floor area.Hold it for 5 seconds and repeat the proses with the other leg.

# Pressing up

Keep your arms straight raising the upper trunk off the floor.Keep your pelvis against the mat allowing your lower back to arch hold for three seconds return to the starting point and repeat again.

A not more than 15 minutes exercise can insure you a relief from the lower back pain.These exercises will you to get strong muscles with reduced pain.Apart from these remedial workouts  take care of your body positions while working in home.Take short breaks while working for a long time and try working in a standing position.You can also take the help of an exercise cushion or balls this will relax your back.Monitor your postures well because a bad posture can make the situation even more worse.A little care can make changes to your body problems.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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