Get rid of dandruff; useful home remedies

It is a very common problem observed in any age-group.The flaking of the scalp that falls on your shoulders and face creates an embarrassing situation sometimes.Before getting your skin infected check out some dandruff remedies from here.

Don’t loose your beautiful here rather go for a solution.There are mainly to types of dandruff one is the oily dandruff and the other is dry.First it is very important to understand what type of dandruff you are having.It is little hard to treat the oily dandruff because it get stuck to the scalp but dry dandruff can be easily treated.

Dandruff creates itching problem and sometimes the scalp becomes infected from the continuous scratching.The best way to deal with dandruff problem is the natural home remedies rather than the chemical based products.They can not only damages your hair but can have side effects to.

Home remedies for dandruff;

# Use oils like flaxseed oil,primrose oil,salmon oil for massaging the scalp the reduces the itching problem and helps in getting healthy skin for hair.

# Lime is one of the very important source of getting rid from dandruff problem.Take some fresh lime juice and wash your hair while bathing from it.Lime brings glow to the skin and reduces dandruff.

# A easy and fast way of reducing dandruff is the use of Green Gram Powder.Mix the powder with little amount of curd and wash your hair twice in a week from this paste you will feel the relaxation within some days.

# To rinse your hair use an infusion of chaparral or thyme,it gives gentleness and softness to hair.

# You can add egg yolk to curd with some drops of rose water.Indian gooseberry juice can also be used in place of rose water. Apply the mixture on your hair leave it for half an hour and wash it of.

# You can also go for dandruff relief shampoos and conditioners and can mix lemon drops to them while applying to hair.

Apart of these remedies proper diet and regular care is very important.Add Vitamin B complex + extra vitamin B 6and vitamin B12 they provide healthy skin and hair.Taking Vitamin E helps in improving proper blood circulation.Vitamin A promotes healthy tissue which promotes strong hair.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”




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