Migraine : Symptoms And Ayurvedic Treatment

Migraine is one of the worst forms of headache. A person suffering from migraine feels pain in either side of the head rather than feeling pain in the whole head. Migraine  when not taken care of can take the form of severe headache which thus becomes difficult to cure.

People suffering from migraine have certain symptoms like

  • Pain increases when they bend their head.
  • Pain happens in either half side or full head.
  • They generally have cold or suffer form sinus.
Treatment for Migraine are
  • Start taking Green tea.It helps lot.
  • Stop the consumption of liquor.
  • Have less sugar in food.
  • Take less caffeine as it increases blood pressure which increases the chances of migraine.
  • Avoid Direct Sun Light.
  • Head massage can be very useful.
  • Use hot water as well as Hot Oil for head.

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