Taking proper calorie diet can help in conceiving a boy child

Want to give birth to a boy child? If yes,here is some useful news for mothers.According to a new study proper breakfast and adding calories to food can be helpful.

A latest study suggest that it all depends upon the eating habits of mothers,what they are taking in the early days of pregnancy affect the sex of their future child.

If the lady is eating complete breakfast and high calorie diet there are more chances of conceiving a baby boy.

In contrary to this if they are engaged in low fat diet and taking to much fasts there is chance to have a baby girl,according to the researchers.

Actually high calorie diet increases the chances of having boys than girls and less calorie content in the meals favors girls.In this way you can make a way to a step ahead your dream of having son or daughter.

All you need is to take care of your meals.Just take proper diet and you can make it possible.

1 thought on “Taking proper calorie diet can help in conceiving a boy child

  1. i m 26 year old and i married last 1 year and i want to be pregnant …. i want to conceiving with a baby boy …. please give me suggestion…

    thank you
    sonia ramani

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