Mosquito bites can be infectious; 10 bite relief tips

Annoyed by mosquito bites? really they are very vexatious and create irritation to.Just avoiding them do not solve the problem.Check for some preventing tips here.

Some times a normal looking mosquito bites take a form of a serious infection when the skin is continuously rubbed or scratched.Just keep in mind that when ever you get mosquito bites do not touch the affected portion or you have to face the serious consequences.

Tips for preventing infection through mosquito bites:

# Immediately clear the infected portion using medicated soap with cold water.

# Avoid rubbing the area of the skin because this can invite more germs and you can get infected very easily.

# You can take the help of some herbal or Ayurvedic creams, you can get a relief from the continuous scratching problem.

# Hydrogen peroxide solution can help in giving relief from the bite portion,If the problem in increasing immediately inform your doctor.

# Use some antibiotic creams to get rid from the itching problem.

# Dip the infected portion in cold water or you can also apply ice cubes on it.

# You can also apply toothpaste in the affected part,it really works.

# Add two cups of vinegar in hot water and put to use.

# Can also rub the inside portion of banana peal on the bite.

# Honey is also an effective remedy in mosquito bites.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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