Solution for hair loss; how to get long & healthy hair?

Hair loss is a very common and embarrassing problem.Every one wants their hair to be strong and shiny but due to some reasons your hair becomes weak and leave the scalp.

There can be various reasons for hair fall like pollution,wrong shampoo or conditioner,using chemical products,wrong diet or improper intake of medicines.

Exhaustion or stress also contributes to hair fall.Tiredness makes your body feeble,inadequate amount of nutrition makes hair weak and they tend to fall.

Hair fall problem results in loosing self-conscious and creates discomfort in your day to day work.If you are loosing more and more hairs day by day there is an immediate need to check and prevent your hair fall.Proper medication is necessary to stop here fall or you can loose them for ever.

Some remedies for hair fall;

# Hot oil therapy is very important and effective in hair fall.Massage your scalp with hot oil for at least 30 minutes.Next day take a towel dipped in hot water and tie it on your hair for 1 hour.You will retain your long and thick hair back gradually.This helps in proper blood circulation which results in hair growth.

#Diet in an important factor needed for hair growth.Must check your diet,it should contain proper amount of nutrients,vitamins and one of the most important is calcium.It is needed for making hair strong and healthy.

#Avoid excess using of hair products like dryers,straighteners,tanners,hair colors or any other product which is bad for the health of hairs.

#Use Ayurvedic or Herbal products as much as possible for your hairs.Go for natural things rather that chemicals,hair are very delicate they need proper care and attention so use soft and light products for your hairs which will increase hair growth and maintains their health.

#You can also take hair spa,they are really very effective and prevents hair from damaging.They maintains softness in the hair and protects them from any danger.

These remedies are very effective and useful.Try following these for healthy hair grown and to maintain their glow and shine for ever.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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