Mouth sores causes and home remedies

Mouth sores are common problem caused by infection,or any injury.The infection which causes cold sores is caused by a virus called herpes simplex virus, is contagious in nature.Mouth sores appear inside the mouth along the inner lining of the tongue or the cheek.

Common causes of mouth sores are-tobacco addiction,burning of mouth due to hot drinks or food,habit of biting cheek,tongue or lip,poorly fitted dentures,gum disease,autoimmune disease,Crohn’s disease or braces.

Symptoms of mouth sore:

a)Burning sensation inside mouth.

b)Mouth sores appearsĀ  mostly in the areas like upper part of mouth,tongue, lips,gums and cheeks.

c)Cold sores appears outside the mouth, due to diseases like chicken pox.


e)Redness or swelling.

f)Crusting of skin.

g)Pain or continuous itching.

Home remedies of mouth sores:

1)Avoid eating very hot foods,salty foods or salty foods.

2)hen you have a mouth burn gargle with cold water or eat popsicles for quick relief.

3)Take the mixture of 1 part of hydrogen peroxide and 1 part of water and apply it on the sores using a cotton.

4)Apply aloe vera gel on the affected area.

5)Gargle with lukewarm water with little salt added in it.

6)Apply honey on the infected area inside mouth,it will give much relief to the pain.

7)Avoid using mouthwashes which contain alcohol as it dries up the mouth.

8)Chewing basil leaves is very favorable forĀ  mouth sores.

Maintain a proper and clean oral hygiene to avoid mouth sores.Intake of banana juice,tomato,honey,vegetable soups, ice creams and vegetable and fruits rich in vitamin E and B are helpful in curing mouth sores.

” The information present is for General Purpose, please consult your doctor before taking any medication / therapy”



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