Health benefits of eating green salads

Green salads are rich in beta-carotene,vitamin A, Vitamin C,fiber,calcium and phytonutrients.Green salads have multiple health benefits.Salads are fat free and increases the fiber intake.Fiber in turn reduces cholesterol and constipation problems.

Green salads are easily digestible, therefore dietitians all over the world recommend people to add salads to their daily diet.Green salads are the best way to reduce weight in a healthy way.Nutrients found in green salads consists of such antioxidants which helps inĀ  increasing the immunity.

Health benefits of green salads:

1)Improves eyesight-Vitamin A found in spinach,red leaf letuce helps in improving the eye sight.Carotenoids found in romaine protects eyesight from harmful damage.

2)Salads provide a fiber rich diet-Fiber rich diet reduces the cholesterol level and also reduces the constipation problem.

3)Salads cut calories and makes health alot better-Salads play a major role in reducing weight.Starts your day with green saladas to lose pounds in less time.

4)Salads are rich in smart fats-Mono-saturated fats, which are found in olive oil and nuts let your body absorb the essential photo-chemicalsĀ  similar to lycopene in tomatoes.These fats form a protective layer in the body form harmful diseases.

Green salads improves your body condition, smooths your system and enhance your lifestyle.Including green salads in your diet ids the healthiest gift ever you can give to your body.

“The information present is for General Purpose, please consult your doctor before taking any medication / therapy”

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