Nail care tips; creative nail designs & extensions

Nails are one of the important part of our personality but usually they are neglected with the result weak nails which breaks very easily. There are lots of remedies and nail care tips which can help you to make you nails perfect as well as beautiful.

Nail care tips
Nail care tips

The first thing which is easily available for nails care is manicures. Now a days nail extensions and nails art are very popular in market. A special type of gel is used for the extension of nails in addition to this creative nail designs liquid or powder are used. Many women are opting for permanent nail extensions but it has some side effects to. It increases the risk of allergies and infections in nails.

Normally there are various nail problems but the most common is weak nails which breaks very easily. There are mainly two reasons because of which nails breaks very easily, first– if they are very rough and secondly if they are over moisturized. This happens because of pollution or over exposure of chemicals to nails.

Nail care is very important to retain there beauty, it is advised to use moisturizer in needed quantity plus a good diet which include biotin, calcium or zinc in a good amount.

Special nail care tips-

Nails extension
Nails extension
  • Avoid over use of water or detergents.
  • Excess use of nail paint removers is disadvantageous for nails as it impaired the quality of nails.
  • Clean and trim your nails in regular interval of time.
  • If you have got any fungal infections on your nails then go for proper trimming this will take about 3 months to be normal.
  • Moisturizing is very necessary before going to bed.
  • Do not forget to apply base coat on your nails before applying dark color nail paints.
  • Avoid the nail extension techniques as they are risky.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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