Natural skin treatment for summers: soothing summer drinks to stay calm

Skin is one of the most soft and mild part of your body. A good skin represents your individuality. A shiny and glowy skin adds a glamor to your Personality so before using any product make sure about its suitability to your skin.


In Summer days skin wants special care and attention.Merely applying lots and lots of cosmetics would not solve the problem.Artificial things makes one’s skin dry and dull and can cause a serious damage.A smooth and soft skin is a natural gift for some people but those who don’t have a glossy skin get themselves engaged in various cosmetics which results in a damage to their skin.

Now you don’t have to spend a lot of money and time for your skin.Here are some summer cool  tips to stay calm and refreshed , these Summer drinks will definitely help you to stay healthy as well as your skin will be soft, shiny and glossy once again.

Summer drinks for healthy living:

Effective green tea:

Green tea is  one of the most common drink used for healthy skin.It is one of the natural medicine which heals your damaged skin through its capability to eliminate all the toxic material from your body.It purifies blood which is helpful in keeping away from many diseases.

Water melon juice:

Now a days water melons are easily available in market so make the fullest use of it. By drinking water melon juice regularly a water balance is maintained in your body which prevents from many problems in summers like acne’s,rashes,pimples etc.

Lavishing lemon juice:

Lemon is one of the most effective food item which can be used in any way.It Contains various health benefits.Lemon juice when consumed in routine helps in controlling body heat.It helps to eliminate toxic material from your body and intensify the body to stand the strong radiant of sun.

Yummy mango juice:

Its the season of mango, and it is one of the fruit liked by majority of people and also loved by small children to.Mango juice provides a refreshed and calm effects to your body.It is one of the soothing drink in summer’s.It not only provide a good taste but many health benefits to.It makes skin healthy and resplendent to

Mix fruit juice:

When individually fruits contains so many health benefits then when they are put together it becomes a wholesome package of health.It is very good for skin and your digestive system to.Fruits keeps your digestion normal and provide lots of nutrients for healthy living.2-3 glass of fruit juices should be added to your daily routine which will keep you fit and healthy throughout the summers.

So  readers,take a break from the cosmetics and chemicals  and try something healthy and natural for these summers.You will definitely feel calm and composed and experience a soft and shiny skin to.


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