Individuals having ‘more than average brain’ can be easily diverted

According to a latest research by the scientist is is found that those individuals who are readily distracted may have the symptoms of more than necessary brains.

In their new study scientists  are of the view that there are some  people who’s minds are easily amused ,this is because of the fact that the Grey matter (a major component of the central nervous system) is more than average capacity  in some people.

Due to this fact the views, thinking power and opinions  of these people can be changed anytime.

For this research there was a quiz conducted by the researchers in which various groups of individuals have assigned a task to perform.The quiz was between those who are readily amused and those who’s decisions are difficult  to change.

The task was related to different attention- oriented work  in which they are judged, like mostly how to notice the traffic signs or to check how easily they are diverted from their work, their memory power as to how much can they remember a particular situation etc.

The ones who were more diverted got the highest marks.At last it was found that there was a slight difference between those who are easily diverted and those who are difficult to be diverted.The position of the brain of those who got low marks is superior to those who got highest marks.


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