Oily Face : Home Remedies

Oily Face : Home Remedies

Every body desire to look beautiful but there are some things like oily face which always obstruct in between. Oily Face is a very common and a very irritating problem. People who have oily faces always carry a tissue papers with them..Its very tiring for one to wipe one’s face again and again all day long.

There are several products available in the market for people who have oily skin but sometimes they could act very harsh on the skin and who knows about the side effects which they can cause.It is better to use Ayurvedic Products and Home Remedies for oily skin.

Some Home Remedies for People who have Oily Faces

# Keep Your skin clean as much as possible. At least  wash your face three to four times daily with water. The cleaner your face is less are the possibilities of having pimples and dark spots.

# Use aleo vera : Either directly apply it from the plant leaf or buy a cream which has aleo vera. Prefer a trusted brand if you buy one.

# Make a face scrub at your home by mixing very small pieces of almond with honey. It will nourish your skin as well as clean it.

# Try not to use moisturizers. If you use them then your skin would get more oily. Don’t use them even in winters.

# Use orange to make a skin mask. It would give  a glowing effect on skin.

# Don’t touch your face too much.It would have a negative effect.

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