Kidney Stone Treatment By Home Remedies

Kidney Stone is a very common problem.It can happen to anyone disrespect of his age, eating habits or anything else. Most of the people who suffer from  Kidney Stone go for surgeries without taking into account the harm which it may cause on to the body in future.


Kidney Stone: Pictorial Representation
Kidney Stone: Pictorial Representation

Kidney Stone can be cured by some home remedies and that is totally without any side effect. Trust me,  if you use the remedies which I am going to mention then you could surely get rid of your kidney stone without any side effects

Home Remedy For Kidney Stone

Kidney Stone in human body
Kidney Stone in human body

Kidney Stone  can be treated by consuming Pineapple juice 2 to 3 times daily. Have one immediately after you wake up and one at night after having your dinner.You can even take one at noon between your meals.

# Grape juice is also a very good source by which you can cure your Kidney Stone. 

If you want to consume both of them then take them separately don’t take them together.

# Consume as much water as you can but there should a gap of roughly 30 minutes before and after your meal.

# Consumption of Celery will  also help. Patients are even advised to consume it daily.

# Orange Juice is also a very rich source for the treatment of Kidney Stone.

If You use the above mentioned Home Remedies Then Surely very soon you’ll get rid of your Kidney Stone.

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