Olive oil improves skin texture and health

Olive oil has many skin and health benefits. People of Egyptian civilization used olive oil for curing many skin problems.Olive oil is used in many ointments,medicines and therapies such as anti-aging therapy, anti-marks therapy and acne-therapy.

Olive oil is the most costly oil and is known by the name of “Extra Virgin” or “Cold Pressed”.Olive oil is the purest from of all oils known till today.Thus, it is the best known healthiest oil for cooking.Olive oil is rich in nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B-1, vitamin B-2, vitamin C,D,E and K.It prevents cancer and is good for digestion.

The anti-aging polyphenols found in olive oil are absorbed by the skin directly.It is recommended as the best remedy even for  the most sensitive skin.Olive oil helps in minimizing the wrinkle lines and holds the pre-mature sign of skin aging.It gives a skin a glowing and brighter look.

Olive oil can also  be used as an exfoliator, it helps in removing the dead skin cells and cleaning the blocked pores.Olive oil consist of compounds that works as natural moisturiser and softener.It retains the softness of dry skin for comparatively long period of time.

As far as health benefits are concerned olive oil protects the heart from harmful diseases.It enhances healthy digestion and balances the fatty acids in the body.Olive oil is best suited for Alzheimer’s patient.Olive oil reduces the risk of clogging of arteries, which causes Alzheimer.Olive oil is completely cholesterol free oil, it lowers the level of LDL and works as anti-inflammatory medicine.

Olive oil is also used in the formation of lip  balms and bath oils.Above all the benefits, olive oil is very tasty to eat too.It is used for the dressings of salads and foods during the cold season.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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