Tips to get spotless and beautiful back

Beautiful and sexy back enhances the beauty of a women.Most of the women experiences the problem of pimples, tanning and pigmentation.Some get the beautiful skin naturally but some have to put efforts to take care of their back.If your are the one who love to wear backless outfits and deep necklines, but unable to do so because of their tanned skin, then here lies some solutions for your problem.

Ayurveda is the best suggested remedy to get a beautiful back.There are numerous detoxifying herbs which works like cleansing agents for the back skin.

Here are some tips to get the beautiful back naturally:

1)Acne problem- Exfoliate your skin regularly The process of exfoliating the skin removes the dead cells and flakes from the surface of the skin.Rubbing the skin with the scrub increases its blood circulation.Acne are generally caused due tyo the problem of dandruff, so try to remove that problem first.

2)Remove the tan-The harmful UV rays of the sun effects the skin of back very badly.The skin of back is very sensitive, bleaching once in a week is very helpful to cure the tanned portion of the back.

3) Moisturise skin regularly-Massage your back at least for 10 minutes.there are varieties of scrub found in the market such as apricot scrub, oatmeal scrub,and honey scrub.Olive oil, rich in vitamin E is also very helpful for massaging the back.

Apply good sunscreen before going out in the sun.Foods such as orange juice,fish,curd, rice and sesame are very effective for improving the complexion of the skin at the back.If you got a greasy skin then anti-bacterial soaps are very effective.

Lower back exercises also enhances the beauty of back.Try to adopt a healthy lifestyle to get healthy skin.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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