Pain below the belly button in women, its causes and treatment

Sometimes women experiences a strong pain below the belly button which becomes chronic and causes difficulty while walking.It may be associated with the menstrual cycle or may be the reason for the birth of any disorder in the  body.

Knowing about the symptoms of the pain is very important to find out if serious problem exist in the body.Ther could be various reasons fo rthe pelvic pain such as intestinal diseases, inflammation of appendix or any other infection.

Main causes of pain below the belly or pelvic pain:

1)Any endometriosis, uterine fibroids , or any other reproductive problem.

2)Appendicitis is one of the reason.Any careless move can give rise to medical emergency, so its better to start th etreatment at right time.

3)Any person suffering from hernia, can experiance the lower abdominal pain.The main cause behind this is either due to pregnancy, heavy weight lifting, obesity, or any lung disease.

4)Other reason fro the pain is overeating.Overeating  may cause gas problem and acidity and causes pain in the pelvic region.

5)Excessive smoking and drinking habits causes peptic ulcers which leads to strong pain below the belly button in women.If you experience  the pelvic pain along with symptoms such as loss of appetite, nausea, weight loss,or bloody stools.

6)Other reasons include ovarian cyst,sexual assault, sexual or physical abuse, Dysmenorrhea(menstrual cramps during mensuration),colon cancer and ovary disease.

Treatment for the pain below the belly or pelvic pain:

Physical Examination- Women experiencing the pelvic pain should undergo a proper physical examination of pelvis an the whole abdomen by her personal physician.

Laboratory tests are necessary which includes urine analysis, infections, white blood cell count,or pregnancy test.

-If your doctor found any type of problem then hormone treatment regarding your periods should be undertaken.

-Antibiotics can be taken for curing the infection.

-Surgery should be done to remove tumour or cyst.

-Anti depression pills are available to cure pain and the depression too.

-Various therapies including cognitive therapy is suggested, which helps you coping  with the pain.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”


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