Passive Smoking Increases The Risk Of Stillbirth

This is  for all those fathers, who smoke too much or a chain smokers, their unborn baby life is in danger. Their bad habit of smoking may take the life of their unborn baby.


According to the Researchers by University of Nottingham those pregnant women exposed to smoke at work or home increased their risk of stillbirth by 23% and of having a baby with defects by 13%.

Dr Jo Leonardi-Bee, lead researcher of the study and associate professor in medical statistics at the University of Nottingham, said they still did not know when the effects of the second-hand smoke begin


The study also says that exposing to 10 passive smoking a day is enough to increase the risk of  stillbirth and birth defects in new born children.

So, Pregnant women should avoid to  going on passive smoking areas.


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