Peanut and Sesame seed health benefits

Peanut and sesame seeds are very beneficial for health.The proper amount of protein,vitamin and minerals helps in proper body growth.These are also helpful in eliminating the problems related to kidney,mental health,liver and heart problems.

peanut health benefits
peanut health benefits

Health benefits of Peanut;

Peanut is full of nutrient elements.100gms of peanut contains 3% moisture,25.3% protein,400%fat 2.4%minerals,3.1%fiber,26.1%carbohydrates,90 milligram calcium,350 milligram phosphors,2.8 milligram iron, 261.4 milligram vitamin E and vitamin B  complex.In addition 567 calories.

  1. Apart from these benefits peanut is full of important elements like copper,zinc,manganese,potassium,magnesium and selenium.These all helps in proper body growth and healthy living.
  2. Vitamin B helps in balancing the metabolism rate,brain health and keeps weight under control.
  3. Peanut can also be used as curd by adding sourdough in peanut milk.It is very healthy for the physical as well as mental health.
  4. Peanut has almost all varieties of vitamin B.The vitamin E present in peanut is a best anti-oxidant which is helpful in preventing from cancer and heart related problems.

Health benefits of Sesame seeds;

sesame seeds health benefits
sesame seeds health benefits

Tasty and yummy sesame seeds are eaten as peanut brittle,sweets balls and largesse.These smalls sesame seeds are very beneficial for the health.Anti-oxidants,vitamins and minerals are present in these seeds in a good quantity.

  1. Sesame seeds contains vitamin B in good quantity.It is a good source of protein,which is very essential for growing children.Just 100gms of sesame seed contains 18 gm of protein.
  2. White sesame seeds can be consumed by just grilling.When this is mixed with dry vegetables it gives a very healthy diet.
  3. Consumption of sesame seeds is very beneficial for teeth and bones as it makes them strong.You can also mix it with any snacks for taste.

Food value-100gms of sesame seed contains 26.4gm carbohydrates,16.9gm of fiber,4.8gm fat,16.96gm calcium,7.78milligram iron,346milligram magnesium,406 milligram potassium and 39milligram sodium.

  • During winters the consumption of sesame seed is very beneficial for health.This is also used for making sweet balls,soups,salads and bread also.

“The information present here is for general purpose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”





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