Pregnancy Care: Pregnancy myths,facts and to-do list

Pregnancy is the moment where the mother is taking care of an another life inside her.There are some myths and facts that mostly people are unaware.Mothers always want best for their babies,and thus they take care of each and every thing extensively to make it safe and successful.

Here are some pregnancy myths and its real facts:

-A pregnant women should eat for two lives-one for herself and the other for the life inside her i.e her baby.The fact is that women who are pregnant should take adequate amount of protein,Calcium,Vitamins and lots of minerals.So the baby inside her could get the proper amount of essential nutrients .

-Pregnant women should not take hot bath.The fact says that a warm bath is adequate foe a women who is to give birth to a baby,where the warm bath soothes the muscles and prevents from back pain,and swelling kind of problems.

-Pregnant women should avoid dyeing.The fact says that pregnant women not only avoid dyeing but also should not use any kind of chemicals materials as well.

Here is a small to-do list to follow during pregnancy:

-Regular checkup and wellness visit to your doctor.

-You should make sure that you have been  prenatal vitamins.

-Do develop a  baby and maternity budget.

-Quit smoking and reduce the level of alcohol and caffeine intake.

-Take folic supplement everyday,which reduces various birth defects.

-Visit dentists for checkup and cleaning as gum diseases could lead to preterm birth.

-Eat lots of healthy foods and snacks.

-Join local prenatal exercise classes.

The information above is for general purpose,please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy.

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