Protection from cold: Skin care in winters and prevention habits

Are you disturbed by cold? Or missing your office because of it? Do you have cold Phobia?Struggling with cold or  flue? here are some of  the cold remedies for you, for your better health.Just give a tough fight to cold and prevent yourself .All you need is to follow these points given below and you will be relaxed from this bad weather.

Runny nose,sniff, snort!

Cold toes, I’ve caught

Walking in the rain, another cold again

Freezing air,damp coat,

Wet hair, sore throat,

Figures dropping off.

Listen to my cough

I know it’s winter now !

Cold or nose block is a condition that make you very annoying and one can’t take breath conventionally.The main reasons behind it is the conditions like allergic air,change of weather,sinusitis and other diseases.It may be also caused by other health problems to.

Here are some tips to prevent you from the cold weather.

  • If you are suffering from cold or sneezing more of liquid food should be taken.
  • You should avoid eating food from outside especially fast foods,they are one of the main reason for causing bad health.
  • You should stay away from pollution.
  • Do not take products like cold water,bakery items,coffee and caffeine.
  • Stay away from food that can cause acidity.
  • Avoid the usage of Perfumes or       they contain strong odors.
  • Take medicines prescribed by doctor, do not try to be your self doctor.
  • Wash your hand every time you shake your hand with someone.
  • Do regular exercise you will feel warm heat inside your body.
  • Last but not the least eat healthy food like green vegetables etc.

Care for your skin in cold season.

Skin needs most of the care  in Winter Season. It is the most dangerous season for Skin.Cold season make your skin sensitive and dry as winter brings with it Dryness,rough skin and itches.Winter season is not all about staying inside your house,drinking hot tea,sleeping all the time or enjoying the rain. It is all about taking care of your body,health,hair,and skin.

5 skin care tips

  • Drink as much water as you can,it keeps your skin alive and helps to retain moisture.
  • Do not forget to use sunscreen when you are outside because winter is not suitable to loose SPF.
  • Use good lip balms they will help you to stay away from chapped lips.
  • Use creamy soaps while bathing they will render extra suppleness to your skin.
  • After each washing dry your hands and apply a good cream to make them soft.

You will surely get beautiful skin if you strictly follow the above rules, taking care of skin is most important it enables you to look gorgeous. Protection from winters is not a tough job all you need is to take little care about yourself , as a little care will keep the wintry troubles at a distance.

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