Cancer Treatment: Remedy for Cancer is Now Found in Indian Kitchens

India is best known for its natural remedies to cure any disease.Now it has been proven that Indian Kitchens may have all the ingredients to cure cancer.Ingredients like garlic,turmeric,capsicum,and saffron,which consists of cancer fighting characterstics are commonly found in Indian kitchens to add flavor to many of its dishes.

Dr.Shrikanth Anant, a professor of cancer research, University of Kansas explained that there are alternatives to fight for diseases like cancer that could avoid the serious side affects of cancer therapy.

According to latest researches approximately 62% of the cancer patients in the US prefer to consume medecines made of natural compounds.

Cancer is a complex disease.No therapy is a silver bullet.It has to be a combination.So,we are looking at options that can make treatment more effective,”says Anant.

Tomatoes,rich in Vitamin C and contains the flavonoid lycopene known to fight cancer,is best known food to prevent cancer. Blueberries are also very helpful for preventing cancer. It is rich in antioxidants so it helps prevent aging also. Raw Cabbage and cooked beets can also be used that will add another natural cancer fighting food to your diet. As,they are rich in calcium and in anti-cancer flavoids.Garlic is the best known remedies against cancer. The sulphur compound that gives it a strong flavor has been shown to neutralize carcinogens and even slow down tumor growth.

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