Brain Health Tips: Six Healthy Tips for Better Brain

Brain is all that a human being is known for.All that one needs in life is to have beauty with brains.According to the latest reports given  by the health website,that there are six foods that can boost up your brain,just to start up the New year mentally focused. As the article says there are six foods that consists of high in compounds such as antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids that can improve brain memory and health.

Food for Brain Health

  • Walnuts– Consists of antioxidants which look like little brains.Walnuts have the capability to combat the damage to the brain cells DNA caused by free radicals in our body,claimed by researchers.

  • Carrots-Carrots are good for eyes and even for brains as well.Carrots have high content of a compound known as Luteolin. Luteolin reduces age related memory problems and inflammation in the brain.Other such sources are olive oil,peppers and celery.

  • Berries– Fruits such as blueberries and strawberries can decrease a type of stress in cells associated with aging and increase signaling capabilities of the brain.
  • Fish– Fish is generally rich in omega-3 fatty acids that could help in slowing typical congitive decline that comes with age.The report scrutinize the 2005 study that found that people at the age of 65 and older,ate meals of fish a week or for 6 years have 13 percent less decrease in congitive decline as compared to people who do not eat fish regularly.

  • Coffee and tea– Consuming Caffeinated teas and coffee not only increase your brain power but also may prevent Alzheimer’s disease and improve cognitive function.According to the study done in 2010,tea drinkers did better memory tests and data processing than non-tea drinkers.

  • Spinach-Yes,the Popeye secret behind his strength,is a complete food for Vitamin C and E that helps improving cognitive abilities,according to the latest research.A study that was done that found aging rats had some of their age related memory and motor deficits reversed after eating a diet rich in spinach,strawberries and blueberries.


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