Severe Back Pain : Symptoms,prevention and treatment

Back pain is generally divided into three parts:upper,middle and lower back pain.Back pain may occur due to various reasons.The main or the foremost cause originate from bones and ligaments that forms the spine,nerves,internal organs and muscles that support our back.

Firstly,one should know the main reason for back pain,that may be due to multiple reasons like injuries,mechanical,occurrence of any diseaseĀ  or infections and tumors.However back pain arises generally because of certain physical conditions.Sometimes emotional stress do effect the severe back pain and could last for long time.When things like depression and anxiety goes untreated back pain could become more worse..Similarly lack of sleep or insomnia may be the reason for back pain.

Major factors for back pain:

-Family history of back pain

-Being a male

-Being pregnant women,may be stressed by carrying a baby.

-Had previous back injury

-Spine problem since birth

-Being older


-Exercise daily and regularly.

-Avoid or reduce the activities like sitting for long period time,lifting heavy objects,bending or twisting.

-Avoid smoking,smokers are likely to get more severe back pain than non-smokers.

-Always keep your posture correct,good posture is maintained when your ears,shoulders and hips are in straight line.

-Always be stress free.Stress and other related emotional factors play a major role in low back pain.

-Avoid long term usage of medicine that weaken bones such as Corticosteroids.

-Always stand straight keep your head up and stomach pulled in,avoid wearing high heels.

Treatment for back pain:

Since back pain arises due to various health factors,the main reason should be known first of all.The most common way to get relieve from the pain is rest and a nice ice pack is greatly helpful.

Physical therapies like massage,ultrasound,whirlpool baths,and regular exercise so that you can make out complete use of your back .Back injuries can be prevented by doing activities like stretching exercise and lifting heavy stuffs very gently and carefully,maintaining the proper posture.

If back pain persists for long period then you should recommend a good doctor who can help and prescribe good pain relief medicines.Pain killers such as Tylenol,aspirin and ibuprofen may be helpful but should be taken under doctor guidance.Doctors prescribed medicines are generally anti-inflammatory or pain medicines that could lead to drowsiness and dependence.

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