Diseases caused by kissing:A kiss can spread infections or allergies

Yes it really happens,Communicable diseases can spread through any way in-fact through a kiss to! There is a oral transmission of saliva in which  microbes  spread through saliva,food or drinks.Even cleaning teeth or waiting for some time after eating may be not effective in preventing some people from the allergic counteraction of a kiss.

A recent study said that having a allergic reaction through kissing is very common.If you are suffering from any kind of bodily or food allergies it can easily happen.In a  food allergy body’s immune system reacts against a particular element of nutrition that is not usually  not noxious to body.

It doesn’t take very much at all to arouse a response from the immune system,therefore even a small piece of your meal on a  person’s mouth could be unsafe.Communal  symptoms of a food allergy is flushing,wheezing , a skin rash or swelling up of lips.

Actually kissing allergies are most common in those people who suffering from food or medicated allergies.Doctors recommend that people who are non-allergic must brush their teeth,wash their mouth and even do not share food from that person who is allergic to food.

Apart from this peanuts and shellfish are one of the very common allergic diseases.Other food items which causes food allergies are  milk products,eggs,wheat and soy.

Just keep in mind that safety is better than cure,so readers don’t take it lightly check for your allergies be healthy and have a safe and healthy kiss.

“The information given above is for general propose please consult your doctor before taking any medication/therapy”

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